June, 2015

“CrImmigration Law” and its Relation to America’s Hispanic Population

For generations Hispanics from throughout Latin America have sought out the American Dream by immigrating to the United States. Hispanic holders of immigrant visas, non immigrant visas, lawful permanent resident status, or undocumented status face potentially devastating immigration consequences resulting from convictions for common criminal offenses. This essay provides a brief overview of the niche area of law referred to as “CrImmigration” in Section I & II. Section III analyzes the Supreme Court’s landmark decision […]

Immigration Reform: What Employers Need to Know —Selected Excerpts From the Gringo’s Guide to Immigration Reform for Employers

Immigration reform is coming. Forewarning and forearming you, The Gringo’s Guide to Immigration Reform for Employers1 was written to do just that: Prepare employers for new requirements in compliance, documentation and employer-employee relations. The guide is designed to help you, the employer, counteract undue union pressure and manage healthcare benefits under ObamaCare. This guide will also equip Gringo readers with essential information that they can share with “friends” that are seeking help, hope, and ways […]

NFL Above the Law: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly “Double Jeopardy Clause” Needed in Collective Bargaining Agreements to Protect Employee Rights

The National Football League (“NFL”) is experiencing a plague of bad publicity due to the NFL’s star football players’ involvement in criminal matters. The players have engaged in activities ranging from domestic violence to child abuse and in some cases, even homicide. The inaction from the NFL to regulate the behavior of these public figures has led to criticism from domestic violence organizations, women’s rights organizations, and child abuse advocates. However, the opposite end of […]