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Policing the Police: A Citizen’s Right to Film the Public Actions of Law Enforcement Officers, and How America Began to Lose Faith in Those Who Swore to Protect and Serve

They are the ones we are taught to call when we are in trouble.  The ones who swore to protect and serve you, me, and anyone else in the presence of threat or fear.  Those individuals are the police. For some, 9-1-1 is committed to memory at a young age, even before personal home addresses or telephone numbers.  This is usually based on the dependency and trust society injects in these officers.  Yet, what happens […]

Turning the Water to Blood: How Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Drove Religious Freedom and Restoration Act out of Touch with Society

Since the case of Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. modified the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the heat has been cranked up on religious extremists to exert one’s own belief onto that of another. In allowing closely-held businesses to opt out of Obamacare’s mandate to provide contraceptive coverage to employees, what we see is not only a rebirth of the Religious Freedom and Restoration Act (“RFRA”), but a fallout as a direct consequence. […]

You Can’t Squeeze Water From a Stone, But Soon, We May Have to Try: A Scratch at the Surface of Texas Groundwater Law and How Antiquated Common Law Could Leave us all High and Dry

The story of Texas water law is also the story of its droughts. Texas’s application of the rule of capture and landowners’ absolute ownership of groundwater is outdated and unsustainable. As Texas’s population expands, so will its thirst, and groundwater is not an inexhaustible natural resource. If drought conditions and population increases continue—as they are predicted to do —the non-sustainable means in which groundwater is regulated will have dire consequences in the years to come. […]

Law Enforcement: The Cognitive Ability Required to Protect and Serve, and the Appropriate Use of Force During Conflict

Police officers are charged with the duty to protect and serve the communities they live in. When a police officer is called on a job, they have procedures that they must follow in order to remedy the problem. There are many factors that go into the decisions made by law enforcement officers. Most of the time the decisions made are correct and have positive outcomes. However, sometimes the decisions made by law enforcement officers are […]

Broken: The Social, Political, and Legal Implications of America’s Immigration Dilemma

This paper focuses on the social, legal, and political impact of America’s growing immigration problem. Additionally, it is an effort to expand awareness of the overall impact of the inconsistency and inability of the federal government to compromise on an issue that has led to disparaging consequences; i.e. the enactment of the draconian policies of some state legislatures such as Arizona’s Senate Bill 1070 (“S.B. 1070”). The enactment of such laws among various states is […]

Catching Vapors: The Proposed FDA Rule that seeks to Regulate E-Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes have been hailed as a saving grace by a growing number of smokers because the devices are believed by many to be a healthier alternative to cigars and cigarettes. Despite the operatic call of smokers seeking solace, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is taking a much more calculated approach. Before recognizing electronic cigarettes as a “safer” alternative to cigarettes, the FDA wants to find conclusive evidence of their safety for human consumption. […]

Judge Blows the Whistle on the Compensation Cap: How the NCAA’s False Claim of Amateurism is Beginning to Crumble

September; it is a month dominated by jam-packed stadiums, filled with prideful students and football fans, ready and willing to bear any and all elements, just to witness their beloved team kickoff the start of another football season. March Madness; a month that has been taken over, and even renamed, all because of loyal students and basketball fans filing into arenas night after night, day after day, to cheer on their favorite players just in […]

Feeding the Homeless: The Criminalization of a Humanitarian Act

Many cities across the United States have implemented food-sharing bans and restrictions that impose fines up to thousands of dollars and possible jail time. These laws on food sharing have made it difficult for people to help those in need. According to the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, “there are more than 610,000 people experiencing homelessness on any given night in [the United States].” Giving food to these hundreds of thousands of […]

When the Mentally Ill and the Criminal Justice System Collide-The Result

In recent years, the mentally ill have once again begun to take over the prison population. They have become disproportionately represented in the prisons and jails throughout the United States. Police forces do not have the skills or training to know how to handle such persons. Therefore, when the mentally ill cross paths with the criminal justice system, the results are devastating. They are forced to live in a system that was not designed for […]