Volume 40, Issue 2

Latinos and the Criminal Justice System: Overcoming the Racial Stigma From Trial to Incarceration

According to the National Council of La Raza “NCLR”, Latinos in the United States face discrimination and overrepresentation in every step of the criminal justice system, from arrest to incarceration.1 “Tough on crime” policies enacted since the 1970’s for the purpose of reducing violent crimes and promoting efficiency in the criminal justice system, have failed to ensure fairness for minorities.2 As a result of this neglect, Latinos receive disparate treatment throughout the criminal justice system. […]

Drug Interdiction Programs: Pretext Stops (Checkpoints) vs. Drug Traps

The extent of Fourth Amendment protection of freedom from unreasonable search and seizures has been a heavily contested legal issue for decades. The proper authority of police officials, acting in their capacity as enforcers of the law, to execute warrantless searches has provided rich debate and has produced notable judicial decisions. Due in large part to the, “War on Drugs,” the constitutional authority of various circuits to regulate officials authority when effectuating traffic stops has […]

State of Texas v. Michael Morton, The Michael Morton Story: How a Tale of Injustice Lead to a Reformed System of Justice

Picture this: You are out to dinner with the woman of your dreams and your brilliant 3-year-old son. Tonight is unlike any other night because: you’re celebrating your 32nd birthday and your son’s heart surgery recovery. For Michael Morton, that day was August 12, 1986.4 This was one of his best days and Michael Morton felt he had it all. However, that next day everything changed and it all made a turn for the worst. […]