Volume 41, Issue 3

Human Trafficking: Supply & Demand and Current Efforts to Combat it at Home and Abroad

Human trafficking is a world-wide problem.  It is a crime that continuously transcends all boundaries, and crosses international borders.  It has no regard for human rights, and preys on anyone it can.  Human trafficking can take place as an internal movement of people, meaning within a single nation for their exploitation, or involve an international transport of people.  There are many feeder roads leading in to the world of human trafficking: poverty, low education, necessity, […]

Policing the Police: A Citizen’s Right to Film the Public Actions of Law Enforcement Officers, and How America Began to Lose Faith in Those Who Swore to Protect and Serve

They are the ones we are taught to call when we are in trouble.  The ones who swore to protect and serve you, me, and anyone else in the presence of threat or fear.  Those individuals are the police. For some, 9-1-1 is committed to memory at a young age, even before personal home addresses or telephone numbers.  This is usually based on the dependency and trust society injects in these officers.  Yet, what happens […]