Volume 42, Issue 1

The Death Penalty: Mentally Ill Men Are Executed; Mentally Ill Women Are Committed

Scott Wesley Buchholtz- Sanchez (“Baby Scott”) was born on June 30, 2009. She was studying to be a pharmacy technician. Baby Scott lived for just three and a half weeks.  On July 25, 2009, Otty took a knife and dismembered Baby Scott. She chewed off three of his little toes, severed his head, and ripped out his brains; there is evidence that she even ate some of his brains.  The scene was so gruesome that first […]

Red Light, Green Light: The Evil Yet Ever-Existing Intersection of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking and the Foster Care System

The institution of slavery has long been abolished in the United States with the enactment of the Thirteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Yet an evil deeply rooted in the core of slavery continues to plague our nation, erode away our morals and values, and deprive our children of a life that springs forth with youthful innocence.  Here we are today, and the wrong still exists in the form of modern day slavery. The term […]

The Lack of Trust in A Trust Relationship: Indian Affairs and the Federal Government

Imagine if the government controlled everything you owned, everything you loved. “Imagine if the government were responsible for looking after your best interests.” Imagine if the government mismanaged your assets and land, holding you within the reach of poverty and subpar health. This nightmare is the reality for many American Indians, and their only option is to play the hand that is dealt to them by the government. Photo source: The U.S. National Archives @flickr

Open Carry: A Movement for Safety or the Continuance of A Violent Era?

It is perhaps currently one of the most talked about and debated topics in the United States. The ever-intriguing gun debate is being viewed from all sides and sadly, can be measured by the tragedies this nation has faced thus far because of gun violence. Statistically, there have been at least seventy-three public mass shootings across the country since 1982, of which thirty-six have occurred since 2006. According to researchers at Harvard University, mass shootings […]