Volume 43, Issue 2

Healthcare For All: Why Minorities Continue To Fall

The enactment of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is a step in the right direction to bridge the gap between healthcare and poverty.  While it seeks to help all, there are some citizens who continue to be at a disadvantage even with insurance coverage.  Why?   Because an extrinsic change with a temporary fix will not deracinate discrimination. Photo Source: @Sabrina Wilks

Forced Into Execution: Involuntarily Medicating Ill Inmate To Achieve Competency For Execution

Uniformity is absent in the laws of the United States. Not only do the laws vary from state to state, but punishments vary from county to county. The only way to curtail these variations in punishment is for the United States Supreme Court to take a stance on the issues. One area where the Supreme Court stance is lacking is mental illness, and in particular, as it relates to capital punishment. On September 11, 2013, […]

Juvenile Sexting: A Harsh Reality

Teenage love. We have all been there before. Getting butterflies thinking about seeing your significant other in the hallway at school; staying up late at night to sneak and talk to them on the phone, and even skipping school to hang out with them. Most people remember their first love and how that person made them feel, and most of the time the first person you fall in love with is during your teenage years. […]

Urban Decay: The Affordable Housing Crisis and the Underdevelopment of Urban Communities

Teresa was born in the Third Ward of Houston, Texas in 1965. Both of Teresa’s parents were hard workers who made a living as manual laborers. Teresa’s mom, Thelma, was a maid for a wealthy family and her father, Albert, worked at the car service station as a mechanic. Although Teresa’s parents were extremely hard working, they would only make just enough money each month to pay for rent and food for the entire family. […]