Volume 40, Issue 2

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back: The Waiver Of An Interpreter And The Incidental Loss Of The Rights To Confrontation, Assistance Of Counsel, And Presence At Trial

Based on the U.S. Latino demographics, there definitely exists a need for Spanish language support in American governmental services in general and in all courts in particular. During a criminal trial, the forum primarily addressed in this article, an accused can be protected from injustices through the adherence to invaluable federal constitutional rights. American jurisprudence dictates that the only reliable approach to the abandonment of these rights occurs when the accused knowingly and voluntarily expresses […]

When A Rose Is Not A Rose: DACA, The Dream Act, And The Need For More Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Few groups in modern history have been politicized, romanticized, publicized, or demonized quite like the DREAMers. Characterized as courageous student advocates and boons to the American economy by some, and as criminal deviants who demand to be rewarded for violating federal laws by others, few can contest that DREAMers are firmly entrenched in American political culture and the legislative debate on immigration reform. DREAMers were perhaps never the subjects of more controversy than when President […]

Consumer Protection In The Marketplace Of Ideas: A Proposal To Extend The News Distortion Doctrine To Cable Television News Programs

The above quotes may be unfamiliar to the reader. If one is unfamiliar with Lincoln’s unequivocal support for slavery, Teddy Roosevelt’s defense of mild manners, or Kennedy’s exhortation to the public to request as much from the government as possible, fear not. The fault lies not with the reader, but the author. The reader is unfamiliar with these quotes because they simply do not exist – at least not as reproduced above. Abraham Lincoln did […]

An Interview with: The Honorable Kenneth M. Hoyt

In August 2015, the Thurgood Marshall Law Review will celebrate 45 years of publication. Since 1970, the Law Review has served as a medium through which new legal thoughts and opinions are presented to the legal profession. The Law Review is extremely honored to interview The Honorable Judge Kenneth M. Hoyt for Volume 40-2. Judge Hoyt is a founding member of the Thurgood Marshall Law Review and Senior District Court Judge for the Southern District […]