Symposium on “Texas Gun Law and The Future”: The Fatal Flaws in Texas’s Campus Carry Law

It is the first day of law school at Thurgood Marshall School of Law after the State of Texas has mandated that anyone with a concealed handgun license recognized by the State may carry a firearm inside public higher educational buildings, including classrooms.  In addition to the normal stresses that faculty and students experience at the beginning of the academic year, everyone is looking around and pondering how many of their peers are secretly carrying firearms in classrooms, faculty meetings . . . and corridors . . . for thanks to the Texas Legislature, in addition to preparing for class, students, faculty, and staff are preparing for active shooter drills.  This is because on August 1, 2016, legislation forcing all public Texas postsecondary institutions to permit anyone with the appropriate license to carry a concealed firearm into classrooms and almost everywhere else imaginable on campus will take effect, in contravention of the overwhelming majority of the campus community’s wishes.


The video for this symposium may be found here.