Broken: The Social, Political, and Legal Implications of America’s Immigration Dilemma

This paper focuses on the social, legal, and political impact of America’s growing immigration problem. Additionally, it is an effort to expand awareness of the overall impact of the inconsistency and inability of the federal government to compromise on an issue that has led to disparaging consequences; i.e. the enactment of the draconian policies of some state legislatures such as Arizona’s Senate Bill 1070 (“S.B. 1070”). The enactment of such laws among various states is an example of the corresponding explicit impact of the failure by the federal government to compromise on a resolution for this issue. Although many local and state officials around the country are debating the details about immigration reform, the problem is that many of these entities do not have the authority to enact or regulate such policy. This is due to the fact that power held by state governments is largely limited. “[P]ower resides in Washington,” rather than the states.

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