State of Texas v. Michael Morton, The Michael Morton Story: How a Tale of Injustice Lead to a Reformed System of Justice

Picture this: You are out to dinner with the woman of your dreams and your brilliant 3-year-old son. Tonight is unlike any other night because: you’re celebrating your 32nd birthday and your son’s heart surgery recovery. For Michael Morton, that day was August 12, 1986.4 This was one of his best days and Michael Morton felt he had it all. However, that next day everything changed and it all made a turn for the worst.

The next morning, as Morton left for work, he was unaware that it would be the last time he would see his wife alive. Later that day, the Morton’s neighbor noticed their son outside alone. Prompted to go look for Christine Morton, the neighbor entered the Morton’s home and found her dead in the bedroom. Her body was found on the bed under a comforter, with a basket and suitcase on top of it.10 Christine suffered head trauma caused by multiple blows.

Photo Credit: United States Government