When the Mentally Ill and the Criminal Justice System Collide-The Result

In recent years, the mentally ill have once again begun to take over the prison population. They have become disproportionately represented in the prisons and jails throughout the United States. Police forces do not have the skills or training to know how to handle such persons. Therefore, when the mentally ill cross paths with the criminal justice system, the results are devastating. They are forced to live in a system that was not designed for their well-being, thus deteriorating their health in the process. Prisons become overcrowded, causing the mentally ill to get sicker. Prisons and jails are unable to handle the demands of so many mentally ill and the proper medications and treatments are unavailable. Sadly, many will spend the rest of their lives in and out of the system, since there is no true treatment or rehabilitation process in place.

Picture Source: Helmut Januschka