Ownership and Control of Oil, Gas, and Mineral Resources in Nigeria: Between Legality and Legitimacy

Natural resources worldwide are a gift of nature and an endowment of comfort that makes the existence of mankind complete. As nature’s priceless gift to man and because nature’s endowment of these resources is without reference to people or nation, the subject of ownership and control is one that has generated a great deal of passion and controversy amongst people and nations. Unfortunately, these resources have been identified as playing key roles in triggering conflicts, and, all through history, the struggle for possession and control of natural resources has been the remote, if not the immediate, cause of great wars and human tragedies. The scramble for partition of Africa at the Berlin Conference of 1884, the Boer wars of South Africa, the institution and sustenance of the obnoxious apartheid system of South Africa, even Hitler’s Second World War, apart from its much-vaunted desire to create a master Aryan race, had as its sole motivation the economic domination of Europe by Germany as exemplified by its annexation and conquest of most of Europe.