Powering the Future: A Modern Conversation on Energy

A modern conversation on energy would no doubt include a discussion of the traditional operations in the oil and gas industry, as fossil fuels continue to dominate, if not, define our existence.1 The conversation delves into the strides being made to develop durable and viable alternatives to prominent hydrocarbons, namely coal, crude oil and natural gas. As concerns about the contributions of hydrocarbons to global climate change continue to grow, efforts focusing on energy sourced, inter alia, from wind, solar and biomass will likely gain steam. In addition, a modern energy conversation will give enormous attention to the revolution being propelled by the continued discovery and rapid development of unconventional oil and gas resources, especially in Canada and the United States. Because of the international nature of the energy industry, a valuable conversation should be truly global in nature, embracing voices and perspectives as well as reviewing current trends from a variety of countries around the world. Building on the highly acclaimed inaugural energy symposium, the second annual energy symposium organized by the Thurgood Marshall Law Review incorporated these essential components of a worthwhile energy conversation.