Policing the Police: A Citizen’s Right to Film the Public Actions of Law Enforcement Officers, and How America Began to Lose Faith in Those Who Swore to Protect and Serve

They are the ones we are taught to call when we are in trouble.  The ones who swore to protect and serve you, me, and anyone else in the presence of threat or fear.  Those individuals are the police. For some, 9-1-1 is committed to memory at a young age, even before personal home addresses or telephone numbers.  This is usually based on the dependency and trust society injects in these officers.  Yet, what happens when the safety blanket we once turned to in a time of need, turns out to be the very source of our fear?  Why do we tense up when we see flashing red and blue lights in our rear view mirrors?  Why do we triple-check the speedometer when we get within driving distance of a Crown Vick?