Putting the American Education System to the Test: Recognizing Education as a Fundamental Right and Abolishing Unequal School Funding

In the United States of America, a child’s zip code often determines the quality of the child’s education.  A myriad of social, economic, and political factors contributes to this tragic truth.  This article, however, focuses on the staggering, discriminatory effect that Unequal School Funding has on our nation’s youth.

Consider the experience of Daniel Lopez, a fifth-grade student in Houston, Texas.  Daniel and his family live on the south side of Houston, near William P. Hobby Airport.  The public school nearest Daniel is an old, dilapidated building.  When Daniel arrives at school each morning, he sees broken computers, leaky air conditioners, and chipping turquoise paint.  He sees a small athletic field, occupied by ten-year-old “temporary” trailers.  He sees a physical education teacher, doing her best to teach a mathematics class.

Daniel Lopez is a fictional character, inspired by the author’s experiences as a teacher in Houston’s underserved communities.